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A powerful localization and translation management platform for professional teams. Designed for efficiency, workflow transparency, and fast translation delivery.

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Calinga’s translation solution was crucial to shorten our time-to-market phase tremendous. It is really a powerful tool to speed up our software launch into the international market in an easy and cost-effective manner.
Sarah F.
Product Manager
Calinga offers a great translation platform with an intuitive UX and powerful API.

Tom K.
Web Developer

Calinga is your autopilot for managing translations worldwide – be ready for internationalization


Providing your products and applications in only one language is not sufficient anymore. Customers demand User Interfaces to be available in their native language, be it Japanese, English or French.



Each new release can require re-integration of updated translations. This process is complex and time-consuming since it leads to huge translations tables, problems when merging different versions, confusing e-mail communication and challenging stakeholder management.


tranlation process



Calinga sweeps away your endless list of miseries by…

  • enabling numerous stakeholders
  • to develop and maintain language-dependent texts
  • on a central repository
  • and to seamlessly provide the latest content for your applications
  • even at run-time.
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Features at a glance

  • Powerful collaboration platform for all of your translations - even for huge projects (> 10.000 texts)
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud guarantees accessibility and security anytime
  • User administraion and assignment of rights at a glance
  • Regional modifications and A/B tests feasible by the use of customized languages and language variations
  • Easy administration of different versions of target software
  • See real-time translation progress for all of your translations (always up-to-date through detailed statistics)
  • Intuitive User Interface and ease-to-use dashboard to facilitate the translation process
  • Easy integration into .Net and JavaScript applications
  • API integration for import and download of language files for customized translation processes
  • Intelligent full-text search to speed up translation workflow
  • Live-updates: no separate deployment required

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A key is a placeholder for actual text you want to display in your application. Each key can have a reference text and multiple translations. The total number of keys that can be added to projects within a team may be restricted by the team’s Subscription Plan.
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